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Made-to-order: the future of sustainability

The planet is hurtling towards a climate emergency and the fashion industry certainly plays its part in this.



In 2020, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calculated that the industry produces 10% of annual global carbon dioxide emissions and is estimated to use around 1.5 trillion litres of water every year. These facts are never calculated into the true cost of a garment, a good documentary to watch is  ‘The True Cost’ by Andrew Morton released in 2015, and little has changed since then. In fact to understand the true implications of fashion one would need to do an EPL and environmental profit and loss. Very few companies have adopted this approach but one that has it Kering: they have adopted and imagined this innovative tool in order to measure their environmental footprint across the operations in their own supply chain, as well as calculating its monetary value. The company’s approach to sustainability has proved more holistic as it reports to the future in a way that respects all natural resources used.


On top of that, the industry’s environmental impact is exacerbated by fast fashion. Brands release hundreds of new styles every week causing trend cycles to speed up exponentially, leading to a gross level of overproduction and overconsumption.

Our mission at Cherchez La Femme is to not impact these percentages, which is why we have decided to only produce and manufacture on demand, meaning our products are only  produced once you order. Made-to-order is a far more sustainable approach, and because there’s no overproduction, less unwanted stock ends up in landfills or even worse incinerated..

Furthermore, made-to-order clothing pieces and accessories can allow consumers to customise products to their specifications - down to the size, colour, detailing, and even add-ons such as pockets and zippers. Tailored clothing may mean that customers will have to wait longer for their products. In an age where we can quickly get anything with a simple click of a mouse, the concept of the made-to-order model may likely require a mind-shift for some consumers. Before fast fashion took over the industry, waiting a little bit longer for the piece of clothing you want used to be the common answer, and as a responsible brand, we want to make sure everyone’s mindset shifts back into this idea.

Besides, customizable clothing offers an emotional value to the consumer that fast-fashion cannot compete with. It connects us to our garments, moving shopping from a transaction from the shelf or screen to a shopping bag, to a human interaction that requires conversation. And we cannot deny the exciting anticipation of awaiting a piece of clothing made especially for you.

For both brands and consumers, made-to-order clothing is part of the answer towards more sustainable fashion. It stops retailers from over-producing poorly made clothing and it encourages shoppers to create a curated wardrobe of quality pieces that they will wear time and time again.

In short, made-to-order fashion is the much needed shift to slow fashion the industry desperately needs. At Cherchez La Femme, we want to make sure you get the best customer service and products you can, so feel free to get in contact with us about any specific requirements regarding our clothing and accessories.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Lots of love,

Cherchez La Femme team 


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