Copenhagen Fashion Week round up Cherchez La Femme brand

Copenhagen Fashion Week round up

Last month, Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023 took place, leaving us sooo eager for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 trends.


This prestigious event has evolved into much more than just a showcase of fashion designs; it has become a platform that sets the standard for sustainable fashion luxury and a glimpse into the future of fashion trends.


Copenhagen Fashion Week is at the forefront of promoting sustainability within the fashion industry. The event consistently highlights designers who prioritise ethical practices, eco-friendly materials and a mindful approach to luxury. As the fashion industry faces growing scrutiny over its environmental impact, Copenhagen Fashion Week is really leading the way towards a more sustainable and responsible future within the industry.

Designers that showcase their collections at this event are pioneers in creating innovative solutions for sustainable fashion. They use recycled materials, implement circular design principles, and embrace ethical production processes, inspiring the entire industry to adopt environmentally responsible practices.


Futuristic Designs and Emerging Talents

In addition to sustainability, Copenhagen Fashion Week is renowned for celebrating emerging talents and futuristic designs. The event acts as a fertile ground for up-and-coming designers to make their mark and showcase avant-garde creations that challenge conventional fashion norms. Here’s some of our favourite emerging designers:

This year, key Nordic talents showcased their collections, including P.L.N., Latimmier, Nicklas Skovgaard, and Rolf Ekroth. Additionally, the event featured notable designers like MLGA, A. Roege Hove, and Iso.Poetism by Tobias Birk Nielsen.

Paolina Russo

In June, Copenhagen Fashion Week announced its first winner of the Zalando Visionary Award, following three successful years of the Zalando Sustainability Award. This award recognises designers committed to sustainability efforts, design, creativity, innovation and positive social impact. Paolina Russo, a London-based brand, won the 2023 Zalando Visionary Award for bridging the gap between heritage craftsmanship and technology, using upcycled materials and old pieces of clothing, she’s bringing these back to a new life.

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Nicklas Skovgaard

Skovgaard, a 28-year-old designer, made a remarkable debut at the CPHFW New Talent program. As a finalist for the Wessel & Vett prize for emerging and mid-size designers, her talent shone in the showcase. The event featured performer Britt Liberg, who elegantly dressed herself in various ensembles from a rail, while dancing between mannequins and gracefully moving along the front row.

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Rolf Ekroth

This new collection pays tribute to generations of hardworking countryside people, incorporating utilitarianism as a key theme. From aprons and workwear dresses to pocket-packed outerwear and function-first leather jackets, each piece was adorned with a signature pink rose print. The line is a beautiful embodiment of nostalgia that we truly adore! 

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By merging previous collections, Latimmier has created a comprehensive collection that delves into past references while keeping an eye on the future. The latest menswear pieces feature deconstructed motifs as a prominent theme. From asymmetrical necklines to invoice-printed variations that are artfully shredded, the garments are unique! Even bootleg sweatsuits have been elevated with peeking shirt collars and hooded neckties, which speak to the conflicting codes of office attire. 

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These brands are seamlessly integrating artistry and craftsmanship to create pieces that are not only visually stunning but also reflect the importance of elegance in a rapidly changing and fast-paced industry.


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