Self-Care Ideas For Your Wellness Routine

Self-Care Ideas For Your Wellness Routine

With the aftermath of the effects the Covid-19 pandemic left on all of us, bubble baths and thoughts shared on social media are no longer enough to find inner peace. We all need a real self-care routine in place so at Cherchez La Femme, we have put together a five ways you can take care of your self though body, mind, home and hobbies.

We care about our well being just as much as we care about the planet and we know that when life is spinning and the world has seemed to have lost its mind, you cannot control others’ behaviours, but you can control your reaction to these. How?


Through your home



  1. Reorganise your closet with this goal: I want to feel joy when I open this door. This isn’t a chore that needs to be crossed off your list; it’s engaging your creativity in order to enjoy your daily routines more thoroughly.
  2. Clean out your purse or everyday bag, once a week.
  3. Dust your home. Underneath the gloom, so much is capable of shining.
  4. Organise your finances and create an accessible and sustainable budget. Securing yourself financially to the best of your ability, can remind you how valuable your time truly is.
  5. Polish your jewellery, clean your makeup brushes, wipe down your mirrors and clean your glasses. Replace the grime with a little shine.


Through your hobbies



  1. Give yourself an at-home mani-pedi. Soak your hands and your feet, trim your cuticles and apply multiple layers of nail polish. This way you’ll be giving yourself the gift of thoroughness.
  2. Switch up your morning routine and opt for coffee, breakfast, and a shower, and all before you check your phone.
  3. Say no to “just one more episode” and swap in a gentle activity for twenty-five minutes like stretching, reading, or just a prolonged bedtime routine.
  4. Find a craft that works for you and schedule it ahead of time. Some soothing options are colouring, embroidering, crocheting, knitting, or needle punching.
  5. Mend your garments, or ask someone else to help you do so. This can be an easy way to feel more put together, and restore life into your wardrobe.


Through your body



  1. Adorn your body in your favourite jewellery: remind yourself that you are worthy of adornment and celebration.
  2. Practice self-massage and your hands are a great place to start. Here's a guided hand massage with Tracee Ellis Ross.
  3. Give yourself a self-breast exam. Familiarise yourself with what’s normal and what isn’t normal for your body, checking for lumps, inconsistencies, and points of pain.
  4. Roll out tension using a foam roller, massage balls, or even a tennis ball.
  5. Pause whatever you’re doing and drink a full glass of water, in fact, do it right now and always keep a water bottle next to you.


Through your mind



  1. Learn to meditate, even if it’s only ten minutes a day and you don’t really know how to do it. There’s plenty of guided meditation podcasts out there, so just create time and space to just exist.
  2. Make yourself a cup of tea and unsubscribe to every unnecessary email list.
  3. Create a Pinterest mood board full of things that stir you and inspire you.
  4. Have a park day without your phone.
  5. Develop positive affirmations that work for you, and find visible or memorable ways to use them daily such as post-its on your desktop.


As you pick a few of these self-care practices, remind yourself that they’re specifically meant to be caring and nurturing activities. And when you’re done, let us know what works for you.


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts or advice on well being!

Lots of love,

Cherchez La Femme team X

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