Stay sustainable up-to-date

Stay sustainable up-to-date

Sustainability is a word that we’ve heard about non-stop for the past few years. From brands claiming to be sustainable, to shoppers being deceived into believing that they’re buying the right product for the planet and the people.

But what does sustainability really mean, and how can you really stay up to date with new upcoming ethical practices?

A few weeks back, we had put together the  steps you can take to make sure you’re as informed as you can be on the subject, on our ‘Sustainability & Fashion: Staying Up-To-Date‘ blog post. This week, we’re looking closely at one of the steps mentioned: Attending sustainable events. Be sure, you won’t even have to leave your home to attend these!


Our recommended TED talks

Get ready to grab a cuppa, lie on your sofa, and learn some startling facts with these sustainable videos.

The Complex Path To Sustainability - Olivia Tyler

In this talk, Olivia Tyler explains the challenges businesses face when trying to be as sustainable as possible. She also expands how people don’t actually know where they’re buying from and how technology can help you achieve your ethical goals.

We Can Recycle Plastic – Mike Biddle

This motivational TED talk really inspires us all to follow in Mike Biddle’s footsteps and find new ways to recycle plastic. Did you know that only 10% of the plastic we recycle at home actually gets recycled into new products? We truly advise you to have a listen to this video and be inspired.

The Disarming Case To Act Right Now On Climate Change - Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, if you haven’t heard of her already, is a teenage climate activist who organised a strike last August after walking out of school to raise awareness about global warming. Mentioning the seriousness of climate change, this TED talk is meant to awaken you about the subject.

Why I Live a Zero Waste Life - Lauren Singer

What does “zero waste” actually mean? This talk focuses on the concept of wasteful behaviour, the environmental studies on the subject and how this can lead to a zero-waste life. 

The Route To A Sustainable Future - Alex Steffen

Alex Steffen, a planetary futurist, is a sustainability TED Talk speaker who tells powerful, inspiring stories to create a better future. In this talk, Steffen shows us all a brighter, greener future through real-world examples and big-picture research. But, of course, this can only happen if we make it happen and he really inspires everyone to action his thoughts.

How Trees Talk To Each Other - Suzanne Simard

According to ecologist Suzanne Simard, trees are “social creatures” that interact with one another. Her research on trees social behaviour has been featured absolutely everywhere, so we recommend watching this TED talk to understand more of how this works.


With this round-up of our favourite sustainability TED Talks for you, here’s to hoping the planet will be in better hands after you all watched these. The concept gives us hope for a better future and planet.

Please let us know if we’ve missed any of your best-loved inspiring TED Talks. We’d love to learn more from you!



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