Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

With the holiday around the corner, we’re all preparing lists of ideas for our loved ones’ gifts and getting bombarded with gift ideas on social media, newsletter, magazines and shop windows. Of course, we would love it if you all supported local and small brands by shopping locally and sustainably this Christmas.

That said, sustainability shouldn’t stop where gifting does but go ahead and apply this to gift wrapping too.

“Sustainability is not just a trend, it’s the future” - Antonia Bohlke

Mounds of plastic ribbons go into the trash on Christmas morning and needless to say, the chemicals used to make wrapping paper so shiny and colourful are very harmful to the planet. In fact, much of that glossy stuff isn’t recyclable. The glittery and metallic papers contain plastics, so they need to go into the trash. Some recycling centres don’t accept any wrapping paper, and tissue paper is often already made from recycled content, meaning it can’t be recycled again!

We’ve put together a few sustainable ideas you can take from and use to wrap your gifts this year.  See it as a means of expressing yourself and in this case, your love and care for other people and the planet: a new way for your gifts to look sophisticated and beautiful, just without all the waste, exploitation, and environmental impact. 

Reusable Fabric Wrap

These machine washable fabric squares are designed to be repurposed or reused and are available in three sizes and three materials, including 100% organic cotton. We love the ones from Wrappr, as each comes with a To/From card with instructions on the back so your recipient can pass on the love.

Vintage Finds

Next time you find yourself at a vintage market or shop, look for ornaments, scarves, tea or kitchen towels, decorative brooches, vintage cards, old maps, jars and cookie tins. All these items can be used to package your next Christmas gift in a very unique way!


Newspaper is another great material that is frequently recommended for wrapping. Newspapers are also  recyclable, making them more affordable and sustainable than typical wrapping paper. Try decorating your packaging with some Christmas tree springs.

Reusable Wrapping Material

Start putting aside all the wrapping paper, bags, ribbons and bows that you receive your gifts in this year and reuse them to wrap up someone else’s next year. There’s nothing more sustainable that making the most use out of an item!


We’d love to hear some feedback in the comments on your favourites as well as any suggestions that might help other readers with their wrapping adventures as well!

With love,

Cherchez La Femme team X

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