Starting The New Year Mindfully

We’re Starting The New Year With Mindful Intentions

As we go into the new year,



the team at Cherchez La Femme wanted to share with you a few of the mindful intentions we’ve set for ourselves. We’re not professionals in meditation, but we do love some simple everyday practices if they make our day better! ;)

Today, we’re sharing our five New Year's intentions to live a more mindful life. They’re super easy to carry out so you should take these onto your everyday life too.

We’re starting small

There’s no point in promising ourselves to get up 20 minutes earlier and that we’ll do it every day. Instead, we had a little think about what we already do everyday, so that we can do it more mindfully. It’s so much easier to keep up a small change!

For example, we’re gonna focus on our breath while on our way to work and try to brush our teeth mindfully, paying attention to all the little details such as the taste and the feeling of the brushes against our gums.

We’re taking one thing at a time

Rather than holding ourselves to an unrealistic standard of the perfect person we would like to be, we’re gonna embrace the amazing person we already are and choose just one aspect of life to shift and change.

We’re being kind to ourselves first

We’re all gonna inevitably forget about our new mindful habit and when that happens, we’re committed to practising self-compassion instead of blaming ourselves for it. The best advice we could give ourselves? Admit that you fell off the wagon, give yourself a hug, and get right back on.

We’re getting curious

When we set our mindset to a curious one, we suddenly have new thoughts and ideas about work and life situations, opening up a whole new world of possibility for our new year. Our minds are amazing filters: they take in and process all the information around us!

We’re looking for our new tribe

It’s a lot easier to sustain new habits if we’re surrounded by people who know what we’re up to and support us.

This year, we’re promising ourselves to share all our mindful intentions with friends and family, and if that’s not enough, we’ll be looking for a more like minded community url and / or irl!

Perhaps resolutions are hard because words such as determination and firmness are hard ones. That’s why, for this new year, we are shifting our thinking process in terms of intentions instead of resolutions. We are resolved to believe how the attitude with which we approach our meditation practice, is the one thing that makes the difference. So why not try it out?

With that in mind, we wish you a happy and mindful start to this new year! May it bring us all inner peace and lots of joy!


Cherchez La Femme team x

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