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What is the World Hope Forum?

Hey friends, have you heard about the World Hope Forum?

This incredible organisation is shining a spotlight on game-changers who are revolutionising the way we approach industry, economy, and innovation.

The World Hope Forum, founded in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic by renowned cultural forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort and design consultant Philip Fimmano, advocates for an economy of hope as the way to progress. Meaning an economy that prioritises people and the planet over profits. Their goal is to bring together trailblazers from around the world who are developing practices that prioritise people and the planet, providing a platform for exchanging ideas and promoting innovation.

World Hope Forum’s Manifesto

As a game-changing organisation founded to disrupt the status quo, WHF has its own manifesto. We’ve taken the time to do our research on this and break down their mission points in an easily digestible way for you.

  • People over profits

In a society that often prioritises bottom lines, the World Hope Forum presents a refreshing outlook. This initiative urges companies, designers, and leaders to prioritise people over profit, leading the way for conscientious production.

  • Fashion sustainability

The World Hope Forum envisions a fashion future where clothing is bought in harmony with the seasons, an essential shift towards sustainable practices. In their future, product design takes centre stage, fostering intimate connections between creators, collectors, and clients. 

  • Economic change

With a focus on climate change and social inclusivity, this organisation showcases case studies, good practices, and retail innovations that catalyse our collective renewal. They explore cutting-edge concepts and economic data, igniting everyone’s creative energies for a societal renaissance.

  • Putting the planet & people first

According to the WHF, creating systems that prioritise social and communal values is the only way forward. The World Hope Forum envisions a world where collaboration takes precedence over competition, forging pacts across entire production chains.


The World Hope Forum isn't just an organisation, but it's a movement and a beacon of light in a world that sometimes feels dim. What they’re trying to do is place hope at the centre of everything and create a truly inspirational hub for all of us! We’ll definitely be following their journey along, from spreading the word to keeping up to date with case studies on their Youtube channel!


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